Training Modifications to Avoid Overtraining

January 19, 2015 // 0 Comments

Sometimes as runners we tend to be a little more optimistic about the amount of training stress we can handle. Usually we don’t notice this right away. What feels like a challenging but doable schedule at first can gradually morph into a daily grind that leaves you feeling exhausted, sore and more grouchy than you’d really like to admit. So what’s a committed runner to do? Complete rest is out of the question, after all, your goal race is no doubt getting closer with every [...]

Running with Determination

January 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

“You said I was weak. You said I couldn’t do it. Thank you. You gave me everything I needed to prove you wrong.” –Steve Prefontaine The mental side of running is something that doesn’t get as much attention as the physical aspect of the sport. Runners have been known to endlessly debate the merits of various training techniques, describing the physiological effects of different workouts, while giving short shrift to the mental side of performance. And yet this mental [...]

Setting and Achieving Goals

January 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

“Winning races is not all-important to me. The races themselves are, as they provide the stimulus which is necessary for putting in that extra effort to help me excel and achieve the standards I’ve set. I think the runner should base his success on attaining his own standards, not merely winning races. Young runners particularly seem to think winning is the be all end all in running. I consider the improvement to be what it is all about.” -Jack Foster Jack Foster was born in Liverpool, [...]

The KISS Marathon Training Plan

November 16, 2014 // 0 Comments

A quick Google search will bring up thousands of results for marathon training plans. Actually about 917,000 – I checked. There are beginner plans, intermediate plans, advanced plans, actual training logs of elite and non-elite runners and more. The problem is that, contrary to what many people think, more options are not necessarily better. There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. I’ve written about simplicity before. Keeping your training simple allows you to focus more on [...]

Can Icing a Sports Injury Delay Recovery?

November 8, 2014 // 0 Comments

For years now, RICE ( an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) has been the standard home remedy for mild to moderate sports injuries such as strains, sprains and muscle soreness. Recently, however, the doctor and author who originally coined the term back in 1978, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, has begun to question the soundness of this advice. Mirkin’s best selling Sportmedicine Book advised athletes to treat soft tissue injuries with the combination of rest from the activity that caused [...]
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